Shirley has always been a popular area as part of the Solihull and of huge demand. Solihull covers a number of smaller areas from Shirley to Knowle and so on. Manny Klarico Estate Agents have seen an increasing demand for properties within the area. Shirley offers a range of properties from affordable homes to luxury mansions. Shirley shopping parade is where it all happens, a range of facilities and amenities can be found which includes retail shopping outlets, fine dining restaurants and well-established supermarkets including Asda and Sainsbury's. Also within the vicinity can be found major retail parks.

Although Shirley has its own shopping parade, the nearest town centre is located within the heart of Solihull. Public transport including rail and bus provide easy access to the town centre, although ample of parking can be found with the town if travelling by car.

As a real estate agent, Manny Klarico are always searching for properties within the Solihull area due to a surplus of demand for properties. Understanding the area and its appeal is crucial in achieving great results. At Manny Klarico we pride ourselves in having exceptional knowledge and expertise for the residential sales and lettings market within the area.

The Bottom Line

As Estate Agents for Shirley, we know that there is a larger supply of properties within the area which does come with the demand for it of course. Although Solihull is a part of Birmingham, it is almost a town of its own with its very own city council. Thus as an exclusive area, we know why buyers are always looking for the right property. More popular for higher value properties, it can be exceptionally appealing for first and second time buyers.

Schools in the area

As Shirley falls under Solihull, there are a number of nurseries, schools and higher education institutions available within Solihull. The most suitable way to identify your nearest school is to establish the part of Solihull you may consider to buy or rent within, and carry out a search from there. And ofcourse, consider OFSTED ratings to identify the better performing ones.

Some stats for you:

Shirley offers a range of property types and therefore prices can vary significantly depemnding on the type of property that is being looked at. Shirley is also home to a largw volume of newly built flats and apartments along with lucury detached homes. Shirley tends to hold higher average prices than of areas in South Birmingham, given Shirley is part of the Solihull District. 

The majority of sales that took place last year were of semi-detached properties with an average price of £359,023, with detached properties at £629,958 and flats at £193,881. Thes prices compared to nearby areas under Birmingham would generally be slightly higher. That being said, prices levels from the year before were up 3%, showing stable growth. Although other areas may have faced a higher increase, Shirley tends to hold prices well in more challenging conditions. 

It would be interesting to see how rising mortgage rates impact property prices during 2024.

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